Viola Davis Wants Better Protection for Circus Elephants

The actress sends legislators a letter, asks that these animals be better looked after

Apart from their having to suffer the stress of being parted with their herd and being taken out of their natural habitats, most circus elephants also have to deal with the abusive behavior of their so-called caretakers.

Wishing to spare these animals this horrific fate, actress Viola Davis has recently sent a letter to legislators in Rhode Island.

She demanded that they back a bill intended to offer better protection to circus elephants.

Should this bill be approved, circus employees will no longer be allowed to use bullhooks to either train or discipline the animals.

They will also be forbidden to chain the elephants for hours on end, Ecorazzi says.

“Elephants used in the circus are routinely chained on hard surfaces for extensive periods, which leads to painful arthritis and foot problems—the leading reasons why captive elephants are euthanized,” reads Viola's letter.

Truth be told, banning circuses to own animals in the first place would be the best option, but I suppose one such bill will have to do for the time being.

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