Vii - Machine Comes in Different Colours. Gameplay Screenshots Out

Courtesy of a well known website, everyone can see the Vii's true potential

When this Vii thing hit the Internet, we thought it was so pathetic that it didn't even deserve a decent story, but now that some managed to get their hands on it, posting actual gameplay screenshots, the Vii is starting to reveal its true potential. It even comes in different color models. Just imagine that there are people out there stupid enough to consider the Vii as an alternative to Nintendo's Wii.

They never stop, do they? As soon as a new system hits the market, small Chinese or Japanese electronic companies come up with the 8 bit version, altering its name in such a bold manner that they actually just swap one letter with one that sounds almost the same, practically fooling customers into buying it. But hey, everyone's got to make a living.

The pictures you see to the top left side of the article (courtesy of and are actually a bunch of gameplay screenshots featuring some of the games you can play on the Vii, along with the machine itself (it's pink and pale blue - limited edition probably). Titles such as Happy Tennis, Free Craps and Catch Fish are sure to get casual gamers' attention in no time, especially if just one person gets the console, enjoys the games and tells others about the great time he/she has had with the system, which is so easy to connect to the TV and has very fast loading times, not to mention a great array of included titles.

The guys behind the Vii even came up with a port of Cooking Mama, dubbing it Fry Egg. Fry Egg man, can you believe this? So likeĀ… everything you do in this game is fry one egg, right? Not two, not four, but one. And just eggs.

We really shouldn't be so harsh. After all, you can fry an egg in numerous ways. Why, I bet there's even one stage where you actually have to burn the egg (just so they could add another task). Take a look at the screenshot depicting the main characters in Come On! That one is, without a doubt, the bomb. What is that, some kind of Duck Hunt with seals?

Anyway, now you know what to get for yourself if you were having difficulties choosing between Sony's PS3, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii. Someone should reeeally review this Vii, don't you think?

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