ViewSonic PJD6 Series DLP Projectors Take You to School

Three new projectors serve corporations and classrooms alike

ViewSonic already has some projectors on sale but that doesn't mean it won't make more, so it did just that, ending up with a trio of business-ready PJD6 Series DLP models.

The newcomers go by the names of PJD6253, PJD6223 and PJD6553w.

Obviously, few people are actually going to bother memorizing those names, but that might just get their specs all the more attention.

Then again, any projector that can brag about having what it takes to save up to 70% more power than other products of this type is going to attract some attention.

Granted, even that benefit (brought about by Smart ECO dynamic light adjusting technology) and a lamp life of 6,000 hours won't sell a projector on their own.

Fortunately, ViewSonic did disclose what each of the trio could do (see the product pages linked above for full info).

The PJD6253, priced at $559 (405.45 Euro) and PJD6223 ($709 / 514 Euro) have resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels, while the PJD6553w ($749 / 543 Euro) has WGXA support (1,280 x 800 pixels).

It equipped them all with an advanced, real-time alert system (lamp life, power and unit presence updates) and the Creestron RoomView network management software, which lets up to 250 projectors be managed as a single whole.

“Customized for teachers, professional trainers and consultants, the new PJD6 DLP projector Series offers many exclusive and valuable functions. This includes real-time monitoring and remote management for up to 250 networked projectors, along with versatile connectivity options,” said Roger Chien, projector product manager for ViewSonic.

“The technology leveraged was specifically designed to deliver a bright and vivid image, making these advanced DLP projectors a cost-effective solution for multimedia enjoyment and effective presentation execution. We are also very pleased to be a partner of AMX InConcert Program. It demonstrates ViewSonic's commitment to the education and enterprise markets as going forward, all our new projectors will be certified with AMX.”

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