Video of Nokia N8 with Final OS Emerges

Nokia N8, the first Symbian^3 smartphone from the leading handset vendor, is set to land on shelves in a matter of weeks, and a video of what seems to be the final version of its operating system has made it into the wild.

We already had the chance to take a look at the high-end smartphone, since it emerged in various videos and photos around the web, but it seems that this video should offer a glimpse at what the software on it would actually look like.

The 10-minute video below, available courtesy of GSMOnline (via The Nokia Blog), does not include commentary, and offers the impression that the viewer is in control of the device.

In related news, we learn that the previously spotted £299 price tag for this handset was actually a typo, and that the actual cost for the device at Tesco Direct would be of £329.97.

For what it's worth, this price tag is still pretty appealing, especially when compared to how much Nokia itself asks for the handset.

“We apologise that the incorrect price has been published in the AW10 catalogue – the correct price is £329.97. Expected launch date for this product is the first week in October 2010,” the retailer notes on its website.

While mobile phone users in the UK would have the chance to purchase the new device starting with the last week of September, it seems that users in other European countries won't be as lucky.

According to e'sPhoneBlog, the handset should start shopping to end users in Finland on October 14th, while being set to arrive in stores on September 28th.

It seems that Nokia announced this during a training session held a few days ago, and that the Nokia N8 made an appearance on the new Hobby Hall brochure, with the said release date attached to it.

Currently, all that Nokia announced officially in regard to the mobile phone's launch is an end of September, along with an October 1st availability at retailers in the UK.

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