Video for Jennifer Lopez's 'Good Hit' Is Finally Out

Long overdue music video emerges online, is extremely sassy

Jennifer Lopez fans have plenty of reasons to smile today: her long overdue video for “Good Hit” has finally emerged online. You can see it below.

Meant to be her comeback into the spotlight, the heavily-autotuned track was trashed by critics and, as such, never made the cut for her “Love?” album.

This would also explain why the video for it saw the light of day after so many months of delay, though, in all fairness, the video is not half that bad.

If you can somehow ignore the annoying autotune, the video is actually quite a sight for sore eyes, showing JLo strutting her stuff in a classroom with similarly clad dancers armed with blowdriers.

There's not really much to say about the vid: it's pretty and it's meant to make you gawk at JLo, her incredible fashion and her even more incredible body.

These said, do just that. Enjoy.

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