Video Showing Barack Obama Reunited with His Long-Lost Brother Emerges Online

Presidential candidate was surprised by younger half-brother, remained unimpressed

A 2008 video showing US President Barack Obama reunited with his long-lost brother after an almost 20-year hiatus has emerged online and has already gone viral because, as you can see for yourself, Barack was almost entirely unimpressed by the “surprise.”

Barack and Mark Obama Ndesandjo are half-brothers, sharing the same father, Barack Obama Sr. They didn’t meet until later in life, when Barack traveled to Kenya and surprised Mark at his home, but they eventually lost contact.

Almost 2 decades later, traveling from China to the US, Mark surprised Barack by waiting for him in a press room, just as he was getting ready to take part in a debate with Hilary Clinton.

The then-Presidential candidate Obama didn’t exactly seem surprised to see his half-brother there, though he did go through the motions, sharing a handshake and an awkward hug with him.

However, maybe he was too nervous to act differently because, after the surprise encounter, Mark told the press the reunion had been very emotional. “It was amazing. We just laughed and we hugged each other and we were brothers,” he said.

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