Video Overview of the 2012 RSA Conference

Take a look at the interesting things presented at the event

The RSA Conference that’s taking place these days in San Francisco is the event where experts from all around the world gather to share knowledge on the latest innovations and technologies that affect the security of cyberspace.

Help Net Security provided a video overview of the event, but also some details regarding the interesting topics presented.

Some of the subjects worth mentioning are the anatomy of an Anonymous attack presented by Imperva, FireEye’s File Malware Protection System, Sophos’ encryption solutions for cloud storage, Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector, and the virtual scanner appliances revealed by Qualys.

The US government also sent its representatives to the conference, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Defense holding a presentation on the risks posed by cyberattacks on critical infrastructures.

Their speech led the audience to believe that they want more power over the Internet, which raised some concern among experts.

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