Video Makes Fun of the DSLR Clueless, Raging on About Their Cameras

These pretend artists have the gear, but no idea how to use it

We all know one – they've owned an expensive, high-tech camera for three years or so but still don't know how to use it. When they do take photos, instead of going on and on about their gadgets, they go for clichés.

This clip, uploaded on YouTube by user DSLR Gear No Idea, aims to expose these fraudsters. Throughout several scenes, videomakers portray pseudo-artists as they take pictures of plants, themselves at close range, and just about everyone and everything around them.

Some never get to the point of using their camera, as they are too busy talking about it, to whoever would listen.

The part where one wannabe utters the phrase “What DSLR owners really want is a bazooka lens” is probably one of the best moments in the clip.

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