Video: Major NASCAR Crash at Daytona Sends Debris into Stands, Injures 30 People

Check out an official video of the Drive4COPD 300 crash and one made by fans

Tragedy at the Daytona circuit as one of yesterday's NASCAR races saw a huge accident between several cars, which resulted in debris being flung over the catch fence into the grand stands, including a wheel, injuring of at least 30 fans, including a child.

NASCAR's Nationwide Series held a special race at the famous Daytona circuit yesterday, in the form of the Drive4COPD 300, and, right on its final lap, tragedy struck, as a few cars lost control and one of them hit the catch fence.

While that's not out of the ordinary, seeing as how crashes are a regular thing for NASCAR races, this one was quite brutal and saw lots of debris being flung over the special catch fence. Among the debris, besides metal shards, was a wheel from one of the racers.

This resulted in around 30 people injured, according to Jalopnik, including a child, all of whom are now receiving care at a nearby hospital.

You can check out above for the official video of the crash and below for a video made by a fan from the stands right near to where the tire landed. Be aware that the footage is quite violent.

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