Victoria’s Secret Model Constance Jablonski Sued for $3.3 Million (€2.47 Million)

Model’s own agency is taking her to court for violating 3-year contract

Stunner Constance Jablonski may be one of the hottest models in the industry right now but, sadly, that comes with a fair share of legal problems for her. The 21-year-old French Angel is being dragged to court by her own agency, it has emerged.

Marilyn Model Management, who represented Constance until just recently, has taken legal action against her for allegedly violating the 3-year contract she had with them by signing with another agency.

Since that translated into loss of profits, Marilyn Model Management is seeking damages to the tune of $3.3 million (€2.47 million), the New York Daily News reports.

“Marilyn Model Management, in its Manhattan lawsuit, charged Jablonski bolted last month despite a three-year ascent from ‘a virtually unknown model’ into a top international star under the firm’s tutelage,” the NYDN notes.

Indeed, though many might recognize Constance as one of the Angels included in this year’s Victoria’s Secret show, she’s also had very lucrative deals with huge brands like Estee Lauder, Dior and Calvin Klein.

“The company claims its direct competitor, DNA Model Management, poached the French-born Jablonski under false pretenses — hitting Marilyn directly in its designer purse,” the same media outlet writes.

In other words, DNA reaped what Marilyn sowed, and is now raking in the big bucks off the model’s work, which would not have been possible without her first agency.

“DNA is... unlawfully attempting to seize the coveted relationships that Marilyn has created and fostered for Jablonski,” the lawsuit states, as cited by the aforementioned publication.

“DNA’s wrongful conduct is for the purpose of destablizing Marilyn’s business, and causing irreparable damage to its image (and) reputation,” court documents also say.

Besides the $3.3 million (€2.47 million) in damages, Marilyn Model Management is also looking to get a court injunction banning DNA from representing the doe-eyed Angel.

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