Victoria II Receives Africa-Focused Heart of Darkness Expansion

Gamers will create navies, settle colonies and engage in wars

The developers at Paradox Interactive are on roll and after the announcement of the Old Gods pagan expansion for Crusader Kings II, they are also offering more information on Heart of Darkness, the second piece of new content for Victoria II.

The official description states that Heart of Darkness “focuses on the Scramble for Africa as you compete with other colonial powers and experience international crises which require Great Power mediation if the world is to avoid war.”

The biggest change is made to the colonization mechanics of Victoria II, which is now designed to allow different big European powers to fight in order to get the best colonies and then invest even more resources to keep them secure and profitable.

A strong navy will be essential to the effort and when rivalries get out of control, a new mediation mechanics will be required in order to keep a colonial conflict from becoming a huge war that can involve most European powers.

Fleet engagements are also very different in Heart of Darkness and players will have more details and more options, with gun ranges and maneuvering now becoming an integral part of tactics and with the first battleships sailing to war.

Paradox is also working on the immersion level of Victoria II by adding a new newspaper system, which will deliver “reports on local and global events as well as the world's changing situation to keep up to date and get a greater sense of immersion. Over 60 newspapers, both historic and otherwise, periodically present you with the latest news reports of war, major events, royal gossip and other matters of interest.”

Heart of Darkness will be delivered exclusively via digital distribution on the PC before the end of the first quarter of the year, presumably alongside a big new patch for Victoria II.

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