Victims of Violence Should “Make Better Decisions,” Says Fox News Host – Video

Dana Perino says female victims have 2 choices: guns or learning to make better decisions

A new video from Fox News, a segment of the December 5 edition of The Five, is getting plenty of attention today after Dana Perino, one of the hosts, laid all the blame for an act of violence inflicted on women almost entirely at the victims’ doorstep.

Check out the video below to see what the fuss is all about.

During a discussion about how guns could lower the number of victims of violence because they would offer the potential victims an advantage over their assailant, Perino simply let it slip that they, the victims, also carry their share of the responsibility.

Speaking precisely of women who become victims of violence she said, “guns [could help them]… or they could make better decisions,” before she was cut off.

As was to be expected, though her remark did not get any attention during the TV segment, it drew lots of criticism online, particularly with victims’ rights advocates for the not so subtle implication of “she went asking for it.”

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