Vicious Polar Bear Tackles Frankenstein's Monster, Drowns It

The world is a safer place, all thanks to this brave animal

This past Halloween, one very brave bear at the San Diego Zoo saved both staff and visitors by tackling and drowning Victor Frankenstein's monster.

As the picture shows, the bear showed no mercy and was quick in dragging the monster into the water.

Seeing how polar bears are great swimmers, we can only suspect that this was all part of a plan to overpower and annihilate the monster before the latter had any chance to fight back.

The polar bear that showed such bravery is an 11-year-old female named Tatqiq, and her deeds stand as proof of the fact that humanity simply cannot do without polar bears.

PS: That lovely moment when Discovery people are somehow unaware of the fact that “Frankenstein” was the name of the man who created the monster, and not the name of the monster itself.

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