Verizon to Shut Down Its App Portal on January 2013

The entire process should be completed by March next year

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless is set to close its mobile application portal in the beginning of the next year, and has just confirmed plans to do so.

The wireless carrier has launched its own application storefront in March 2010 under the name of Verizon Apps in an attempt to provide device optimization, security and simplicity for developers.

However, the carrier is currently reconsidering its approach to the matter, and appears to have decided that the availability of the storefront no longer fits its plans.

“In January of 2013, Verizon will start the process of removing the Verizon Apps application from ALL compatible Android and Research in Motion devices,” the carrier announced.

“We anticipate completing this process by March 27, 2013. But, no need to fear. Most apps existing on Verizon Apps are already available on multiple app storefronts, such as Google PLAY, Amazon and BlackBerry App World.”

The wireless carrier also announced that all of the business applications that have been already submitted to the Verizon Private Applications Store for Business would remain available for purchase and download for all corporate customers.

“We’ll be introducing new merchandising strategies, starting with AppLuvr: an app that can help get your Android app discovered by millions of Verizon customers,” the carrier also announced.

While the storefront shuts down, Verizon will continue to provide developers with access to app metrics & reporting, and will deliver payments while the shutdown client is being deployed.

“The VDC portal will continue to operate and is still a developer’s gateway to all Verizon Tools & APIs, platforms, 3rd party partner tools, Forums and @verizondev,” the carrier added.

Starting this month, the wireless services provider will begin notifying all Verizon customers on its plans to shut down the portal. As the Verizon Apps client is removed from devices, users will see that apps with monthly licenses will no longer work.

Also starting with month, the VDC will no longer accept new app submissions, and the carrier will deliver a final billing for all existing Subscriptions apps. Users will enjoy their full month of use & access before the store closes, the carrier announced.

Subscriptions will end starting with December, while January will bring along the removal of the Verizon Apps client from the millions of devices that feature it at the moment. The VDC Go To Market for mobile applications shuts down in January.

The entire process of removing the mobile client should be over by March next year. “As millions of devices are updated and Verizon Apps is removed, downloads and licenses support stops,” the carrier concludes.

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