Verizon’s Windows Phone 8 Devices Could Be Delayed or Canceled

The carrier required remote management access to phones, was denied

Rumor has it that mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless has delayed the launch of Windows Phone 8 handsets on its network, and that it might even cancel them due to a series of issues with the management software.

The operator has been previously rumored to plan the release of at least three handsets powered by Microsoft’s new mobile operating system version, yet none of them will hit shelves in the coming weeks, as they are expected to do at other wireless carriers in the country.

HTC’s Windows Phone 8X and Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 were rumored to be en-route to this wireless carrier (though the last two in different forms than those made official in September), yet it seems that Big Red users might have longer to wait for their arrival.

According to a recent report from Daily Mobile, the carrier is unhappy with the lack of access it has to remotely managing these devices, and it might never launch them due to that.

Verizon requires for all smartphones on its network to be opened to remote management, yet Microsoft is reportedly refusing to provide the carrier with this feature at the moment.

Apparently, none of the involved parties is willing to let this go, something that might result in no Windows Phone 8 device being released at Verizon.

For the time being, however, nothing has been officially confirmed on the matter, and this could remain a simple rumor in the end.

For those out of the loop, we should note that Windows Phone 8 handsets have already received FCC approvals for use on Verizon’s network, which suggested that the carrier might be one of the first to launch them.

However, although AT&T and T-Mobile have already unveiled plans to add such smartphones to their offerings, Big Red and Sprint are currently shy of making such announcements, and there’s no telling on when we might be seeing CDMA-capable Windows Phone 8 phones arriving on shelves.

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