Verizon’s Nokia “Atlas” (Lumia 822) Leaks

The Windows Phone 8 device could arrive in November

AT&T might be the exclusive carrier for Nokia’s Lumia 920, but that won’t prevent other wireless operators in the country from adding Windows Phone 8 handsets from Nokia to their lineup.

In fact, following various rumors on the availability of a Lumia 820 version at Verizon, photos with the device have emerged online, so that we could make a better idea of what the phone would look like when released.

The outer design of the new device is a bit different from the one Lumia 820 was made official with, featuring rounded edges that remind us more of the Lumia 710.

As can be seen in the photo attached to this article, available courtesy of Twitter user @eveleaks, the mobile phone will also sport the Verizon logo beneath the screen.

Verizon’s Lumia 820 version sports the codename of Atlas and has already been rumored to feature the model number 822.

It should pack the same 4.3-inch touchscreen display as the original, along with a front-facing camera for making video calls, yet there’s no specific info on the other specs of the device.

However, we can imagine that it will pack the same Snapdragon S4 CPU as the international Lumia 820, and that it will also feature the same 8-megapixel photo snapper on the back.

Chances are that Verizon’s flavor of the device would feature support for both CDMA and LTE networks, the same as most of the carrier’s latest handsets do.

Running under Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 operating system, the Nokia Atlas is expected to hit shelves at Verizon sometime in November.

It is said to be only one of the WP8 handsets that the wireless carrier has in store for its customers, as HTC’s Windows Phone 8X has already been rumored to be en-route to the company.

Lumia 920 is said to arrive at Verizon as well, but no new info on the matter has been provided, and with AT&T’s exclusivity in place for at least a few months, we don’t expect new details on this to emerge very soon.

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