Verizon’s Mobile Video Service Shuts Down on December 15

The carrier will replace it with a new service called viewdini

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless has announced the closing of another service in the near future, namely Verizon Video, after unveiling plans to shut down its own app store portal.

However, users who have been accustomed with this mobile video service should not despair, as the wireless carrier is planning on replacing it with a new, supposedly better one, called viewdini.

The shutdown of Verizon Video should not impact users’ data plans, nor should it affect other apps that they are enjoying on their devices.

As soon as the service will be closed, however, Verizon Video will no longer be offered as part of the Smart Phone App Pack. Furthermore, plans that had Verizon Video or VCAST Video included will no longer be offering them to users.

“Verizon Wireless is constantly working to bring the best experiences to our customers. To better serve the demands of consumers, on December 15, 2012, Verizon Video will be Shut Down from use,” the carrier announced.

“This will allow us to focus on bringing you the best video experience in wireless. With more choices and even more content, we introduce VIEWDINI, a new video service for your 4G Android/Apple device.”

“Whether you enjoy exploring the universe of video for hours or quickly find exactly what you are looking for, viewdini is FREE to download and use,” the company continued.

The wireless services provider also notes that, while Verizon Video will no longer be available as an option in viewdini, users will be able to enjoy content from a nice range of providers.

Among them, the company lists Netflix, Hulu Plus and Verizon FiOS. Furthermore, customers will also enjoy free content from ABC, Funny or Die, Vimeo and more.

The new service is available for all Verizon customers using an iPhone or iPad, as well as for a wide selection of Android-based 4G-capable devices. More info on the matter is available on the carrier’s website.

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