Verizon’s Galaxy S III Plagued with Issues Following Jelly Bean Update

Users report fast battery drains, notification glitches and more

Last week, wireless carrier Verizon Wireless started the delivery of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the owners of a Galaxy S III smartphone on its network, promising a nice range of enhancements and new features.

All these were indeed included in the OS upgrade, but they were accompanied by a series of issues that started to appear on devices, and which affected people’s experience with their phones.

Many have already companied on forums around the web, yet there’s no telling on whether the problems are indeed widespread or are only isolated incidents.

One of the most common issues found to affect Verizon’s Galaxy S III following the update is battery life, which gets drained much faster than before.

According to some, the issue might have been caused by the fact that some of the new features on the device were turned on after the update.

Among these, we can count battery drain from the location services (which can be changed in Maps > Settings > Location Settings), along with the newly introduced Global Mode (turning the device back to CDMA / LTE worked in some cases).

However, it seems that other issues also emerged after the installation of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy S III.

Some users claim that the boot time on their handsets is much longer than before, while others reported longer charging times.

There are also users complaining about notification glitches or issues with the sending of text messages, while others claim that the Bluetooth is dropping intermittently. One user also notes that the phone is much hotter when used extensively than it was on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Those who would like to learn more on these issues should head over to this thread on the Android Central Forums. There are also some discussions regarding Verizon’s Galaxy S III and its Jelly bean issues over on Reddit.

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