Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders, Monthly Plans, Trade-in Program

One week from now, Verizon Wireless customers would have the possibility to place pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 4 on their wireless carrier's website, while being able to actually purchasing the device one week after, on February 10th.

It has been a long wait for many enthusiasts, that's for sure but things are about to become real, and some new info on what would Verizon have in store for it's customers started to emerge.

For example, recent reports on the matter suggest that the pore-order period for iPhone 4 would kick off at 3 a.m. EST on February 3rd, and that only those Verizon customers who have had their their My Verizon account set up would be able to order the device in advance.

But this is not all. Verizon is also said to have in store for its iPhone 4 customers a series of monthly plans that should sound at least more appealing than AT&T's ones, including a $29.99 per month option for unlimited data.

One other plan that would be different than what Verizon offers at the moment to other smartphone users would include an Unlimited messaging option for $20 per month.

The list of monthly plans that iPhone 4 customers would be able to chose from on Verizon's airwaves include (via 9to5mac):


450 minutes/month: $39.99

900 minutes/month: $59.99

Unlimited minutes/month: $69.99


Pay per use: $0.20 per SMS, $0.25 per MMS

250 messages/month: $5

500 messages/month: $10

Unlimited messaging: $20


Unlimited data: $29.99

Unlimited data with 2GB for Personal Hotspot and tethering: $49.99 ($20 per GB for overages)

The Personal Hotspot feature that the new device comes with would cost users an additional $20 per month, but previous reports pointed out that it would still be more appealing than what AT&T has to offer at the moment.

To attract as many users as possible to its network, Verizon is also reported to have put in place a trade-in program for those current iPhone users on AT&T's airwaves who would like to switch carriers.

In a recent article, MacRumors lists the following trade-in prices Verizon might have put in place:

iPhone (16GB - first generation): $60

iPhone 3G (16GB): $105

iPhone 3GS (32GB): $160

iPhone 4 (16GB): $280

iPhone 4 (32GB): $360

Additional details on the matter should start to emerge in about one week from now, as soon as Big Red kicks off pre-orders for Apple's iconic device. The carrier is also expected to soon offer users the possibility to check their upgrade eligibility. Such a page went live recently on Apple's website, but was pulled soon after.

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