Verizon Pulls the Plug on Promised Free Data for Chromebook Pixel (LTE)

Pixel customers were promised two years of 100MB per month

This piece of news is going to get a few people angry. Back when the quite expensive Chromebook Pixel with LTE was launched, customers willing to jump on board with Verizon and purchase the device from the carrier were told that they would be offered 100MB data per month for the following two years.

The Pixel retails for $1,450 / €1,065. However, only one year after promising that this would be the case for all adopters of the device, Verizon has (inexplicably?) pulled the plug on the free data.

Now, if you want to have data on your Chromebook Pixel, you’ll need to pull some cash out of your pocket. Sure 100MB wasn't much to begin with, but it was more than enough to check your email or social media account.

According to AndroidCentral, Verizon is currently spreading the story that the Chromebook Pixel had free LTE data for one year and that time has of course expired.

But as it was uncovered in the Google press release posted back then, the offer should have been available for three years, instead of two.

Google and Verizon have both been contacted and the companies are trying to sort matters out in order to come up with an explanation that actually makes sense. It will be interesting to see who will be blaming whom in this entire story.

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