Verizon Offers Free 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Through July 6th

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless has just announced the extension of a special promotion it put in place for the owners of a 4G-capable mobile phone on its airwaves, offering them the possibility to enjoy free 4G LTE mobile hotspot through July 6th.

The deal was time limited, and it seems that Verizon decided to extent its availability by several weeks more, the latest reports on the matter note.

The free 4G LTE mobile hotspot promotion was put in place for the owners of the DROID Charge, HTC Thunderbolt and LG Revolution.

It was put in place several months ago, and should run for about one month more, although it was initially set to end as soon as today.

Apparently, Verizon changed its mind on the matter, and also announced the extension of promotion's availability, a recent article on Droid-life states.

The email they received from Big Red notes:

Verizon Wireless has extended the Limited Time promotion for Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Broadband Connect on 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) Smartphones, ThunderBolt by HTC, DROID Charge by Samsung, and Revolution by LG. The following are the Unlimited Hotspot promotion details.

Limited Time promotion available through 7/6/2011 which allows customers unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Broadband Connect usage until July 6, 2011 with the purchase of a ThunderBolt by HTC, a DROID Charge by Samsung, or a Revolution by LG, with a voice plan and a data package $29.99 or higher.

The $20/GB (Gigabyte) plan will not be available on 4G LTE Smartphones. On July 6, 2011 a software update will remove the Mobile Hotspot offer. A message will be sent to the end user to contact their system administrator to subscribe to Mobile Hotspot.

For the time being, Verizon users have nothing else to do than enjoy the free feature on their devices, though it remains to be seen what might happen with it next month, when Verizon starts requiring a monthly fee for it.

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