Verizon Launches Social Beat App

A free social media application from iSkoot

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless and iSkoot, a leading provider of mobile Web services, announced on Wednesday the launch of a new social media application, dubbed Social Beat. The new software solution is a free app that enables users to access social networking sites much easier, from a single solution.

“Social Beat fits well with what Verizon Wireless customers crave – easy access to all of their social media network sites in a single app,” said Jennifer Byrne, director of Business Development for Verizon Wireless. “iSkoot’s app is available on many of our feature phones and offers an intuitive, easy on-ramp for our customers as they bring their social networking communities into their handsets.”

The new Social Beat application enables Verizon Wireless users to stay connected to popular social media sites in a simple manner, as it offers support for Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, as well as for other networks. Moreover, the new application will deliver info to a number of more than 50 feeds from news, sports and entertainment sources. Not to mention that users will have the opportunity to enjoy a simple management of their social networks and feeds.

“Social networking is the fastest growing sector in mobile, and together with Verizon Wireless, we are able to offer a simple but powerful app that allows consumers to easily stay connected to their social media network even while they are on the go,” said Mark Jacobstein, chief executive officer of iSkoot. “Because our solutions do the heavy lifting in the cloud and deliver communications to a single platform, service providers can bring social networking and news feeds to almost any mobile device they offer regardless of the technology.”

Social Beat will deliver to users info on friends’ activity, news feeds, status updates, and new photos. The new application is available for download on a number of more than 20 feature phones, including the LG enV, enV2, enV3, the LG Chocolate, and Chocolate 3, as well as other handsets from the carrier. The app is available for download either from here or through the Get Going in the Media Center/Get It Now from the users' devices.

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