Verizon Details Software Update for Windows Phone 8X by HTC

It lists various connectivity enhancements next to messaging improvements

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless is gearing up for the launch of a new software update for its Windows Phone 8X by HTC customers, providing them with a nice range of enhancements in addition to the features that Portico brings to them.

According to the official document that WPCentral has found on the wireless carrier’s website, the new software update will arrive on devices as firmware version 1532.20.20011.605, while bringing the radio on the device up to version

Following the update, users will enjoy better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance on their HTC devices, along with the option to set MP3 files as ringtones, and various messaging enhancements as well.

The full changelog for the new software release includes:

- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profile have been improved for performance.

- Increased flexibility to manage browser history.

- Added capability to select an MP3 file as a ring tone.

- Incremental security feature allowing user to restrict calls to a limited list of numbers.

- Messaging enhancements to allow user to edit an MMS while forwarding.

- User can auto-retry with connectivity, multi-select recipients for a message and ignore calls with SMS reply.

Users interested in installing the new platform version on their handsets should head over to this page on the wireless carrier’s website to learn more on how they can do that.

Furthermore, they can go to Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates on their Windows Phone 8 handsets to see whether the new software was made available for them as well.

Before proceeding with the update, 8X owners are also advised to charge the battery inside the handset at least at 40 percent, so as to make sure that it won’t run out of juice during the installation process.

The wireless carrier also advises users to connect to a Wi-Fi network to download the new update, especially if they are outside the Verizon coverage area when trying to install it.

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