Veriton Commercial Ultra-Small Desktop PCs, Acer's Latest Project

They are not only small but also cheap enough to compete with the netbooks of old

One might not think that there is an official name for the form factor (size and shape) that Acer decided upon when making the Veriton L4620G, but there is: ULSF, or ultra-small form factor.

Called Acer Veriton L4620G, the systems are essentially nettops, though Acer doesn't call them that.

Instead, the company considers them desktop PCs in its press release. It even mentions how they can act as all-in-one systems when connected to monitors via the ErgoStand.

There are several different Veriton systems that the company has prepared, all of them available in the US, for now. They are collectively known as the Acer Veriton 4620G Series.

Acer Veriton L4620G, the ULSF, begins at $599 / 599 Euro. Veriton X4620G, a SFF (a bit larger than the other one) is a bit more expensive, at $619 / 619 Euro. Finally, the Acer Veriton M4620G, a mini tower, is, oddly enough, also priced at $619.

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