Verbatim Go Mini USB Mouse Surfaces

Optical peripheral has an ambidextrous design and a retractable cable

There are many sorts of mice out there, and Verbatim chose to make one that is best suited for travel, so it made liberal use of retractable cables, lightweight components, USB connectivity, etc., all in a compact package.

The market for consumer peripherals is one where companies really like to let their creativity loose.

After all, since they have a wide range of prices to cover, it only makes sense that mice, keyboards and other accessories would have not just performance, but looks to match.

SteelSeries already proved this, when it created a certain mouse that took the idea of customizability and drove it up to eleven.

It turns out that Verbatim also made a mouse, only with fewer perks but a much lower price point, not to mention mobility almost without peer.

To elaborate, where the SteelSeries Sensei costs $89.99/89.99 Euro, Verbatim's Go Mini, as it is called, sells for 6.49 Euro (the rough equivalent of $8.90).

For that much money, buyers will get a small item, measuring 150 (L) x 42 (W) x 29 (H) mm, but which still packs everything one might look for.

Verbatim even managed to throw in the ability to choose between multiple colors, four to be exact (Black, Hot Pink, Volcanic Orange and Caribbean Blue).

Those who want the specs will be interested in knowing that, according to this report, a 1,000 dpi optical sensor was used in the construction, as was a retractable USB cable.

The latter is particularly convenient, as it means that taking it out and putting it back in a bag will be quick and easy, especially with a weight of 44 grams.

All that remains is for prospective buyers to just start looking online for listings of this ambidextrous mouse, though they'll not have much cause to get it unless they frequently travel with a laptop in their bag.

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