Verbatim External SSD Is a Silver-Colored USB 3.0 Product

While there has been much fanfare for the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard, the number of solid state drives that communicate through it isn't too large yet, although Verbatim definitely did not seem to mind contributing to it.

If there is anything that can be categorized as an innovative technology, the USB 3.0 interface most definitely qualifies, although, true enough, it is already well over a year old.

Still, with native USB 3.0 support only now becoming common on motherboard and notebook chipsets, USB 2.0 is finally starting to feel its successor breathing down its neck.

Granted, it will still be a while before the latter is replaced by the former on the mainstream market.

On the flip side, as long as NAND Flash memory remains so much more expensive than platter-based storage, SSDs will continue to cost more than the average consumer is willing to give.

That said, Verbatim created a solid state drive which is part of the Store 'n' Go product portfolio and is available in three different capacities.

Said versions are of 32 GB, 64 GB an 128 GB, respectively, leading their prices to 99 Euro, 159 Euro and 279 Euro (the tags will, naturally, vary from retailer to retailer).

Of course, the slab of NAND chips isn't just sent to customers, with all drives featuring the same sort of casing.

Made of durable aluminum, it is a slim package that fits neatly into the bundled drawstring pouch, which can also hold the USB 3.0 cable.

Finally, all three drives mentioned above possess different read and write speeds, since there is a measure of coordination between SSD capacity and performance.

The 32 GB model reads and writes at 150 MB/s and 60 MB/s, while the read/write rates of the 64 GB ad 128 GB ones are of 160/120 MB/s and 190/175 MB/s, respectively.

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