Venice Gets Hit by Massive Floods

The bad weather is expected to soon hit Rome, cause further evacuations

According to the Italian media, as much as 70% of Venice is currently underwater as a result of heavy rains and strong southerly winds which have hit this region.

Apparently, these extreme weather manifestations have led to higher than normal tides, which have also taken their toll on the city.

Official estimates say that, for the time being, the sea levels in the heart of the city are roughly 1.5 meters (5 feet) above normal. Because of this, the city's residents were asked to remain indoors, and tourists also had to seek refuge.

Moreover, about 200 people from Tuscany were evacuated, and 50 individuals from Massa and Carrara were also asked to leave their homes.

Sources say that, because of the extreme weather manifestations, several streets in Pisa were left without electricity.

Meteorologists explain that the bad weather will most likely soon hit Rome.

More information is made available to you in the video below.

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