Vendetta Online Space MMORPG to Received Major Update Soon

The latest version of Vendetta Online can be downloaded from Softpedia

Vendetta Online, an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) from Guild Software Inc., is now at version 1.8.284, implementing a few much needed balancing changes and a number of new features.

In Vendetta Online, thousands of people can play together in a persistent universe. This is yet another major update that brings even more balancing changes and even support for Sony gamepads.

Vendetta Online looks a lot like Eve Online, but the game that are being used in the construction of the game are very different. The end result is a much visceral experience that is constantly fine-tuned by the developers to provide the best gameplay possible.

The developers of Vendetta Online promised some major changes in the upcoming release and some of those modifications have started to be implemented.

According to the changelog, the developers are now working on making "smart objects" that contain programmatic information about how they're utilized, allowing a single object to expand into massive asteroid ring, or any other feature.

“Beyond these next-generation changes, we're also doing capacity testing, to improve the responsiveness of the game under large battle scenarios. This should allow us to track down and squash any remaining bugs in larger multi-player environments, while also helping us scale up our battle situations and allow the ever-more gigantic battles that we envision for the future,” reads the official announcement.

Also, group owner's mines will no longer detonate on other group members, if the mines have been laid before the group was created, mines will no longer detonate on a group member if the member joined the group while in the proximity of the mine, and the Voice Chat cross-talk has been fixed.

The Capship Shipyards station maximum cargo storage limit has been increased to 150,000 from 50,000 cu, the Capship owner's mines no longer get triggered by their capship, the Oculus SDK has been improved to drastically reduce drift, Capture-The-Cargo convoys report now provides updates on their respective channels (201/202) again.

The scalability of larger player events has been improved, although the major changes for this feature will start to land further down the path, and a number of graphical updates are also in the works and should arrive soon.

A complete list of changes can be found in the official announcement. Download Vendetta Online 1.8.284 right now from Softpedia. Keep in mind that you will need a constant Internet connection to play this game.

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