Vendetta Online Headed for iPad, Needs Backers on Kickstarter

Version 1.9 planned “with drastically expanded and polished gameplay”

Guild Software has taken to Kickstarter to try and raise funds for an iPad version of their popular 3D space MMORPG set in outer space, Vendetta Online. An upcoming 1.9 version is already on the table with new features.

The studio has two goals: 1) to bring the game to the iPad (2nd generation models and up) in the first half of this year; 2) fund the creation of “Vendetta Online 1.9” by late 2013, with expanded gameplay.

According to Guild Software, “This will include improved graphics, sound and rendering technology, advancements to our universe, economy and conquerable territory, plus improvements to player-owned capships and other areas.”

Early backers will gain the usual discounts and freebies, including special access to a unique “Early Supporter Achievement” inside the game, and a unique and exclusive EC-108KS all-purpose ship whose colors you can pick yourself.

The company has raised a meager $641/€480 (at the time of writing) of its $100,000/€75,000. There are 37 days left for pledging.

The project is nothing if not ambitious, so any MMORPG fan should at least pay the Kickstarter page a visit to see all the details.

Vendetta Online is currently available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and Win8/RT.

The game features twitch combat, realistic physics, multiple flight control schemes, configurable ships, complex AI, Dynamic Economy, mining of asteroids, galaxy-wide news, and a rich backstory.

Guild says, “We like to make stuff directly for the people who want it. By funding this project in advance, we can focus our efforts purely on development, and less on the chaotic business-and-marketing juggling act needed to maintain an indie studio and game like ours.”

“This will make development much more rapid, and unlike other forms of funding, we'll be building it for the people who want the product.”

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