VectorLinux 7.0 Light Edition Officially Released

Powered by the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment and Slackware!

The VectorLinux team proudly announced last evening, March 21st, the immediate availability for download of the final and stable release of VectorLinux 7.0 Light Edition.

After the release of VectorLinux 7.0 on November 27th, 2011, here comes the Light Edition of the VectorLinux 7.0 Linux operating system, bringing new features and improvements.

It is of course based on the VectorLinux 7.0 Standard base and contains four lightweight desktop managers: JVM, IceWM, Openbox and LXDE.

"Vector Linux 7.0 Light is completed and released! Thank you to all the developers, testers and contributors who made this possible."

"The term "Light" is relative. This 4-in-1 version gives you the choice of several window managers, in progressively heavier configurations. These are layered on top of the VL 7.0 Standard base, so the expected libraries, toolkits, compilers and codecs remain available." - was stated in the official announcement.

VectorLinux 7.0 Light offers four mods of installation, corresponding to the pre-installed window managers. The first option is "Barebone" and comes with the super-lightweight JWM window manager, allowing installations on very old machines, such as Pentium III with 128 MB of RAM.

The second option is "Light," it comes with IceWM, PCManFM, Midori, Sylpheed, flburn and wicd, which makes it perfect for low-end machines with at least 256 MB of RAM.

The third option is called "Medium" and it's powered by the Openbox window manager, allowing installations on machines with 1 GHz CPUs and 512 MB of RAM.

"Full" is the last option, which installs a complete LXDE desktop environment!

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VectorLinux 7 Light with LXDE

About VectorLinux

VectorLinux is a Linux distro based on Slackware, which aims to provide speed, performance, stability and ease of use. It was started by Robert S. Lange and Darrell Stavem in 1998, with its first version being launched in June 1999.

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