Vanessa Paradis Is Dating Carla Bruni’s Ex

A match made in Chanel heaven by Karl Lagerfeld: Vanessa and Benjamin Biolay

Vanessa Paradis is no longer pining for Johnny Depp, whom she dated for 14 years and broke up with earlier this year. She’s moved on, dating musician Benjamin Biolay now, according to a recent report in the British media.

Biolay was once linked to Carla Bruni. He was introduced to Vanessa by none other than Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, who considered they were a perfect match for each other because of the many things they had in common.

They were first pictured together in Paris this year but it’s unclear yet whether that’s when they started dating, the Daily Mail writes.

“They’re the same age and have similar backgrounds in music, so Karl was keen for them to meet,” an insider is quoted as saying.

Vanessa and Karl have been good friends for years, so we’re to believe he also knows a lot about her taste in men to have decided that Benjamin would be perfect for her.

“They have even recorded a duet called Enjoy on Benjamin’s latest album. They plan to promote and tour the album together next spring,” the insider goes on to say.

Oddly enough, in June this year, word had it that Vanessa and Johnny had decided to give their relationship another try.

Depp had realized what he’d lost when he (allegedly) cheated on Vanessa, so he was desperate to win her back.

As a matter of fact, he was actually willing to leave Hollywood behind once more and move to France to be with her and their two children, just so they could rekindle their romance.

“Johnny wants to be with his family, he’s a very family orientated man. His kids mean everything to him. What they need more than anything is to get together far away from Hollywood and that is what they are doing,” an insider was telling the tab, as we also reported at the time.

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