Vampire Diaries Star Goes Shark Fishing

Not only does Steven McQueen stress the animals, he also tweets about it

Vampire Diaries star Steven McQueen recently decided to go shark fishing, supposedly for entertainment purposes alone.

Thus, he simply hopped on a boat, headed out towards the open waters and had some fun taking sharks out of their natural habitats only to take some pictures with them, sources say.

Wishing to share his enjoyment with fans worldwide, Steven tweeted as follows: “Shark fishing tonight. Caught and released a beautiful tiger shark. Fighting fears!”

“All catch and release. These sharks are beautiful creatures,” he later added hoping that nobody would end up believing that he only released that one tiger shark.

Needless to say, it is quite likely that Steven McQueen's idea of fun will not sit very well with conservationists, seeing how, although they got to return to their homes, the sharks caught by this celebrity are unlikely to have enjoyed being taken out of the water and made to sit for a photo shoot.

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