Valve Updates Steam for Linux Client, Improves GUI and Adds New Major Features

This is the Beta version and it may be a little buggy

Even if Steam for Linux was launched officially and it exited the Beta, Valve has continued to develop the Beta branch and to add new features.

The biggest change in this version is the introduction of a new menu, integrating the Community features straight into the main GUI.

“The new Community Home removes the extra step of selecting a hub to view and puts the best content across all game and software hubs in front of you on the front page. No more seeing an interesting image and then having to find it in the hub to learn more about it—now it’s just endless scrolling of the best rated news, screenshots, videos, discussions, ….and artwork,” states the official announcement.

Valve also added a new tab to all Valve game hubs where anyone can share the game-related art they’ve created. It seems that the community wanted to share more that the occasional screenshots.

“The third change is a new drop down navigation in the main Steam nav. We’ve broken out all the links that relate to You from links that relate to the larger Steam Community, improving clarity and giving us more space (enough to bring Groups back!),” continued the announcement.

Highlights of Steam for Linux Beta:

• Changed top-level Steam navigation to break out links that relate to you from the Steam Community;

• Added new Community Home page which shows the most popular content across all games;

• Added Alt-Left/Right hotkeys for the main navigation Back/Forward buttons;

• Counter-Strike owners can now join the CS Beta even if they don’t own Half-Life;

• Converting Counter-Strike to new content system has been fixed, if Half-Life was already converted;

• Validating Counter-Strike content has been corrected to also include all the shared files from Half-Life.

Check the official announcement for more details about this important release.

Download Steam for Linux installer right now from Softpedia.

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