Valve Adds In-Home Streaming in the Steam Client with the Latest Update

Linux users should be a very happy bunch right about now

Valve has released a new Beta build of its Steam client, but this time it’s not just about a few fixes and a couple of new features. A new important option has been implemented, which should make Linux users very happy.

The company usually pushes a few Beta updates before upgrading the stable branch of Steam, and now it's time for another Beta build to be available for download.

Valve announced right from the start that it intended to implement a home streaming feature in Steam that would allow Linux users to play any Windows-only game.

This may not bet the best solution possible under the circumstances, and we are a long way off from having the same games released on Windows and Linux simultaneously.

Granted, last year we saw great progress in Linux gaming development, but it will take a lot more time until all the major studios and publishers start making triple A games for all the platforms, and home streaming will no longer be necessary.

Highlights of the latest Steam client update:

• The Windows firewall rules have been updated in order to allow streaming;

• Launching the streaming client on Windows XP has been fixed;

• Support for streaming non-Steam games in the Steam library has been added;

• Steam Controller configurations are now edited via the streaming overlay apply promptly;

• Remote gamepad support has been added for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Skullgirls, and SEGA Bass Fishing;

• An “Authentication problem” error for Steamworks developers has been fixed;

• Support has been added for Guide+Y and Guide+X chord actions on the Steam Controller;

• “invalid file system” error is now shown if a game tries to install files larger than 4GB on FAT32;

• Make “View Community Hub” item in a game's context menu go to the game hub if available;

• A number of Big Picture and VR mode fixes and features have been added.

Check out the official announcement for more details about this release. You can also download the Steam installer from Softpedia if you don't have the client.

In order to get the latest Beta version you will need to enroll in the development program by opting in from Preferences.

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