Valuable WWII Rifle Turned In at Police Station's Gun Buy-Back

The gun was developed in 1944 and used by German troops

A woman in Hartford, Connecticut is about to get rich after finding a valuable WWII rifle, worth $30,000 (€23,000).

According to NECN News, the station organized a buy-back program last week, and an Army officer's daughter turned in the gun.

The rifle, pictured above, is pretty much an antique. It was developed in 1944, and used during World War II. What is unbelievable is that it was a standard weapon issued to SS troops in Germany. Although it looks quite old, it can shoot 500 rounds per minute.

“You could kill a solider back then, and if the captain of your fighting unit signed off on it, you could send that gun home to your family or kid brother or cousin.

“Anything you wanted. Her father, who was a World War II army man, had brought this gun home from the European theater," Officer John Cavanna of the Hartford Police explains.

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