Valeria Lukyanova: Documentary Shows Details About the “Time-Traveling Spiritual Guru”

Lukyanova's everyday life and "spiritual travels" unravel in documentary

A new documentary is set to show more information about the life of Ukrainian self-made human doll Valeria Lukyanova.

It centers on her struggles to rid herself of the "clutches of superficiality and negative energy," of course.

A trailer to the documentary has been attached above this news blog. It includes some never-before-seen wacky photos of the girl that many call Real-Life Barbie or Space Barbie. It also shows snippets of her daily routine and fragments of interviews that she has been asked to do.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Lukyanova might actually not believe herself to be human. As I wrote before, she gives “spirituality lectures,” training paying clients on out-of-body travel.

She reportedly describes herself as "not a real girl at all, but a time-traveling spiritual guru whose purpose is to save the world."

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