Valeria Lukyanova Among Top 5 Real-Life Human Barbie Dolls

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In an effort to separate themselves from the more human patterns of beauty, these girls live to be stared at and admired. The doll-face culture has given birth to a new kind of beauty, an idealistic one, which can only really be represented in the making of toys.

International Business Times published this top 5 of Barbie girls from around the world, of whom one, Valeria Lukyanova, has captured the public's eye lately via her spread in V Magazine.

Valeria is 22 years old, and she lives in Ukraine. As we mentioned before, she composes her own new age opera music, and works as a spiritual coach for out-of-body travel. She has been criticized for being a fraud, for the excessive use of Photoshop in her pictures.

Aspiring singer Lilya Kish joins the Russian Barbie girl trend, turning herself into a blonde, pouty, big-eyed cartoon character.

Fellow Russian Anzhelika Kenova, is 25 years old, and publicly admits to having had plastic surgery. Her waist has been reduced to 20 inches (app. 51 cm).

Canadian singer-songwriter and actress Skye Sweetnam is one of the pioneers of the anime girl movement, having debuted in 2003. Her look is more under-stated and less artificial.

Ramona Gabriela is a 20-year-old girl from Germany who tries extra hard to make herself look like a Japanese cartoon character. She in inspired by Pokemon, Gyaru and Sailor Moon.


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