Valentine’s Day Cyber Scams: eCards, Chatbots and Fraudulent Stores – Video

Scambook has released another interesting advisory

As Valentine’s Day draws near, Internet users who are in the search for a Valentine, or those who want to buy their loved one something special, should be on alert for the schemes initiated by cybercriminals and fraudsters.

Scambook has released an advisory which details some of the most common scams you should look out for: eCard phishing, chatbot scams and fraudulent online stores.

A large number of users send and receive Valentine’s Day eCards. Cybercriminals are using this to send out their own cards, which usually hide some nasty pieces of malware.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day date, beware of chatbots, the applications designed to mimic real people on instant messaging platforms and chatrooms. Cybercrooks use chatbots to lure you to all sorts of shady websites.

Finally, if you’re shopping for gifts online, be sure to stay away from untrusted stores. Before handing them over your money, be sure to check out their reputation and verify if they’re using a secure https connection for transferring your sensitive information.

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