VW Launches New Green-Oriented Vehicle: Eco Up!

This is “the world's most fuel-efficient natural gas passenger car,” VW claims

In an attempt to provide customers with yet another environmentally-friendly choice when it comes to driving, Volkswagen launched Eco Up!, a car whose ecological footprint is considerably smaller than that of other vehicles simply because it can run on both natural gas and biomethane.

“One of the greatest benefits of natural gas cars like the eco up! is the fact that these models are not limited to being powered by just natural gas, but can also be powered by alternative fuels such as renewable biomethane,” reads the official press release on Autoblog Green.

As company representatives explain, this translates into significantly less harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere.

For the time being, the car is not made available for sale to potential customers in the US.

Thus, the car was only launched in Europe, primarily because nations on this continent are seriously looking into the possibility of using biomass as raw material to make fuel for natural gas vehicles.

“The four-seat Volkswagen consumes just 2.9 kg of natural gas (CNG = Compressed Natural Gas) per 100 km; this is equivalent to CO2 emissions of just 79 g/km. This fuel efficiency leads to very low fuel costs,” the company wished to emphasize.

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