VUDU to Deliver 3D Movies Starting Next Week

VUDU has just announced, during CES 2011, that the company will begin delivering instant streaming of 3D movies next week to select 3D-capable HD televisions and Blu-ray Disc Players, including Sony's PlayStation 3 console and devices supporting Boxee Media Software.

The new 3D titles will be automatically available on VUDU-enabled devices, without requiring for any additional software to be downloaded as the service is completely cloud based, even the user interface being run on VUDU's servers.

In addition, the minimum bandwidth requirement for 3D viewing are the same as for 2D, movies being available in SD (480p), HD (720p) and HDX (1080p) resolutions with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Surround Sound.

"We are proud to be a leader in the delivery of 3D movies," said Edward Lichty, general manager of VUDU.

"Our launch of 3D today is another example of our commitment to deliver the best home entertainment experience available anywhere. There is no better, easier way to get 3D movies at home than through the VUDU Service," concluded the company's rep.

“The biggest obstacle for the 3D market in the home in the past was the lack of 3D content, where buyers just weren't interested in a feature they couldn't use," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst for Enderle Group.

"VUDU delivering 3D streaming content directly addresses this challenge and allows consumers who want to enjoy a major advance in home televisions."

The VUDU on-demand service is available on a wide series of devices from LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Digital, Philips, Samsung, Toshiba, Vizio and others.

Furthermore, all VUDU supporting HDTVs and Blu-ray players following be launched during 2011 will be able access the new 3D library.

Unfortunately, no details were released about the available titles and prices, but I expect these new 3D movies to cost just a bit more than their regular 2D versions.

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