VMAs 2013: Taylor Swift Is Reunited with Harry Styles Backstage – Photo

Exes put all resentment aside at Robin Thicke’s afterparty

Judging by what she said at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, Taylor Swift isn’t over Harry Styles yet or, at least, she’s still harboring some resentment. However, at Robin Thicke’s afterparty, the two managed to put all that behind them.

Click on the image above to see them posing for a photo together.

Granted, they’re not standing side by side but, this way, fans will at the very least know that they can be civil to each other when the situation demands it.

Also pictured are Ed Sheeran and one of Thicke’s friends. Speculation online has it that it was Sheeran who probably made this happen.

As I noted yesterday, Taylor was caught on camera mouthing “shut the [expletive] up” in response to something Harry said on stage. Some even believe that she dissed him in her acceptance speech as well.

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