VMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus Performs with Robin Thicke, Shocks – Video

Miley shows she’s no good girl, twerks on “Blurred Lines” in barely-there outfit

It was all leading up to this: after months of behaving badly, Miley Cyrus has completely ditched her Disney past by getting real down and dirty at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, with Robin Thicke, on his “Blurred Lines.”

Check out their joint performance (with a special appearance by 2 Chainz towards the end) in the video below.

Miley opened the gig with her “We Can’t Stop,” which, oddly enough, left many people in the audience quite indifferent. The first time the camera zoomed in on the celebrities, they seemed to be dozing off.

When Thicke popped in, the crowd went really wild. 2 Chainz came on later, after Miley.

A few thoughts on the performance: I understand that Miley is going through a rebellious stage right now (she said so herself) but, at this point, her act is screaming desperation. However, if it’s attention she wanted, she got it.

On the same note, I’m sure her performance would have been better if she had sung instead of just yelling.

However, my strongest objections to it are: her apparent inability to keep her tongue in her mouth, her “twerking” obsession, her horrible fashion.

What did you think?

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