VLC for Windows Phone Could Arrive "in a Matter of Weeks"

The developer has confirmed that most issues have been addressed

It's been almost one year since VLC for Windows 8 project was successfully funded on Kickstarter and fans of the media player have yet to see the results being released on their devices.

However, the developers have been hard at work to bring VLC experience on Windows 8, and according the latest Kickstarter update, they are preparing the release of the Windows 8 version of VLC.

“We are preparing the release, fixing the important bugs, notably an audio crash that got us rejected from the store. We have numerous small bugs that are annoying, notably some thumbnails, crashing and the audio browsing part.

We hope to work on it until this week-end and then submit once again.”

It's been confirmed that the code of the application will be open sourced as soon as VLC is released, so those who bring their contributions to development are more than welcomed, especially “on the the UI/XAML part.”

The developers announce that soon after the Windows 8 version of VLC is out, they are preparing the Windows Phone version, which shouldn't be too hard to finish “in a matter of weeks.”

There are still some things to iron out, such as the file management, which requires some extra work, along with the adaptation of the users interface, but this should be easier and doesn't require too many resources.

“Windows Phone should not need a lot of extra work for the API, but will require some work for files management. Adaptation of the basic UI should be simple enough,“ said Jean-Baptiste for the VLC on WinRT Team.

For the time being, VLC project status has lots of features that make it viable for full release on Windows Phone Store, including support for all usual formats, like MKV and FLAC, audio, video with correct aspect ratios, basic subtitles support, file and network stream support, and more.

If everything goes according to plan, we could see VLC being released on Windows Phone Store by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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