CES 2014: VIZIO Enters 4K UHD TV Market with $999.99 / €999.99 Model

It is a 50-inch display with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels

I did say before that 2014 would bring ultra high-definition television sets priced at under $1,000 / €1,000, and while the new VIZIO P-Series 50-inch model will probably reach more than that after all the VAT and shipment costs, its MSRP is, indeed, below that mark.

By one dollar, granted, but it is, and when you still have 110-inch monsters selling for $150,000 / €150,000, you can't really complain. Especially when the bezel is so thin.

Anyway, the 50-inch 4K UHD TV is on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It marks VIZIO's first foray into the UHD market.

It's not alone though. There's a 70-inch TV there too, right next to it, but that one is priced at $2,599.99 / €2,599.99.

Netflix' 4K content will be available on both of them when they finally go up for sale at some point in the future. 55-, 60- and 65-inch VIZIO P-Series models will come out as well.

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