VIA Announces Two New USB 3.0 Controllers

The VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 run at up to 280 MB/s and support ECC

Flash storage devices are only as good as their controller chip allows, which is why VIA might get quite a few orders for the VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 USB 3.0 integrated controllers.

The former is a dual-channel USB 3.0 to NAND Flash chip, while the latter is a single-channel model.

They measure 8 x 8 mm and 6 x 6 mm, respectively, and run at up to 280 MB/s.

Considering the existence of flexible block management, ECC (error correcting code) and the resulting data integrity, that should be enough to make sure any flash drives that use the chips perform well.

VIA made the new processors for flash drives designed on the 19nm, 20nm and 21nm manufacturing technologies.

VIA is already accepting orders, so there should be plenty of new flash drives up for sale soon, though probably not in time for Christmas.


VIA's new USB 3.0 chips (3 Images)

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