VAIO Laptops Make a Comeback, but Still Retain the Lost-Sony Vibe

The first two VAIO laptops will be sold exclusively in Japan

Sony might have sold off the VAIO laptop line, but that doesn't mean you won’t be hearing about it anymore.

VAIO is currently a standalone mini-PC business from Japan that’s trying to make it into the big world without making use of the familiar Sony name.

The company is trying to keep the flame burning, so it has rolled out two new VAIO laptops, which look quite reminiscent of the old models, reports Engadget.

On top of that, the logo remains virtually unchanged, but we guess it makes sense, since the company wants customers to be able to identify the brand.

We’re not being given a lot of info about the new laptops in terms of specs and such, but one thing is pretty clear, the new notebooks are almost identical to the VAIO Pro and VAIO Fit launched a year ago under the Sony banner.

The two new products go on sale in Japan, as VAIO doesn't have plans of launching their products anywhere else, because as they themselves state, theirs is a “small” PC maker.

This is to say the company might be looking to keep things within the borders of the country, but who can actually foresee the future?

Surely, both the VAIO Pro and VAIO Fit were strong laptops, yet we were expecting something fresh from the company, but they seem comfortable relying on the Sony legacy, at least for the time being.

The company claims these two models are being released to get things going, but in the future they will bring out more choices. Is that to say we’re going to see more than laptops arrive under the VAIO umbrella? We don’t know at the moment.

As a memory refresh, the VAIO Pro lineup was made available in 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch sizes and taking advantage of an Intel Core i7 fitted with 4GB of RAM.

The default operating system to be found onboard was Windows 8.1 and the laptop took advantage of an 11.5 hour battery.

As for the VAIO Fit, the line was offered a full HD IPS display and a wide choice between Haswell processors.

On top of that, the 15-incher model of the family could have been ordered with a pretty neat 2,880 x 1,620 resolution, but VAIO doesn't say if these options remain available or not.

Both laptops were bundled with Full HD Triluminous displays, which was a Sony-patented technology.

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