Uzbekistan’s National Television Hacked, Accused of Spreading Lies

The media organization's website has been defaced

Clone Security, a hacker part of the Uzb3k Cyber Team, has breached the official website of the National Television and Radio company of Uzbekistan (

HackRead reports that the attackers have defaced the website and have left a message in which they accused the organization of spreading lies.

“The news you spread are lies! you have been hacked in response to false news spread by Uzbekistan’s state-run television and radio,” the hackers wrote on the defacement page.

The attack is part of two campaigns dubbed OpAntiLAGMON (explanation posted by user in comments section) and OpWhereisSecurity.

At the time of writing, the website was offline.

Judging by his previous hacks, Clone Security appears to be mainly targeting websites from Uzbekistan in an effort to demonstrate that they’re not properly secured.

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