Users Warned About AVG Tech Support Scams

AVG will not make unsolicited calls offering to fix your computer

Tech support scams are not uncommon these days. In most cases, the scammers claim to call on behalf on Microsoft. However, AVG Technologies is warning users about crooks that use the company’s name in such schemes.

“Because we are a well-known company, certain scams may use our name and trademark illegally to trick consumers into thinking they are contacting AVG support when in reality they are contacting a third party who may not have our customer's best interests in mind,” the company noted.

In case you need to contact AGV support, you can do so by using information provided on The company also advises users to avoid installing AVG software unless it has been downloaded directly from the official website or from trusted sources.

So how can you identify scams? If a website is purporting to offer official support for AVG, make sure it’s listed on the AVG Trusted Partners page. If it’s not, you’re most likely dealing with scammers.

Also, remember that the IT security firm will never ask you to hand over credit card information to validate your products. The emails sent out by the company don’t come with security updates attached to them.

Finally, AVG will not call you out of the blue offering to fix your computer.

The firm provides support under the AVG TechBuddy brand. When this or other legitimate services are used, the phone number is one of the following:

+1 855 XXX 0134

+1 855 XXX 0135

+1 855 XXX 0957

+1 855 XXX 3091

+1 855 XXX 3209

+1 855 XXX 5087

+1 855 XXX 5089

+1 855 XXX 9812

+1 855 XXX 9933

+1 877 XXX 3769

For additional details on how to avoid falling victim to tech support scams leveraging the name and reputation of AVG, check out the advisory published on the company’s website.

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