Users Run Down Microsoft on Official Blog over Google “Whining”

Plenty of users are criticizing the company for its anti-Google efforts

Just after Google proudly announced that it had reached a settlement with the FTC over its antitrust case, Microsoft published a long blog post to explain the reason why it does not agree with this decision.

Sadly for the Redmond-based technology giant, many readers of the company’s blog post have criticized Microsoft for its anti-Google efforts, emphasizing that its attempts are rather pathetic.

“Microsoft never did anything useful and stole or bought technology from others. Now you are crying foul when you agree not capable of innovation. In the long run no one ever won with scheming and cheating. Grow up MS and learn to improve your own products else consumers would just leave you in totality,” one of the users said in a comment.

“Microsoft's whining about Google's abuse of patents or monopoly in general is a pinnacle of hypocrisy. May be you first should look at your own abuses in the same areas?” another added.

Microsoft said that it’s unhappy with FTC’s decision in Google’s antitrust case because the Mountain View-based search giant is blocking its efforts to develop a YouTube app for the Windows Phone, while also promoting Google+ more than Facebook, which is clearly a lot more relevant.

Surprisingly, Microsoft doesn’t seem to moderate comments, so most of them are actually criticizing every single statement cited by the company as a reason to see Google getting punished by the FTC.

“Is there a high-quality Microsoft Office app for Linux? iOS? Android? Office documents can’t even be opened on these OSes (yes, you can import them using other software, but that is a hit or a miss affair) At least YouTube is accessible through the mobile browser from Windows phone, and Microsoft is whining that a ‘high quality’ app is not available,” a reader said.

More information on Microsoft’s reaction after Google announced the FTC settlement is available here and here.

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