Users Poke Fun at Microsoft's First Windows 8.1 Ad Showing the Start Button

The firm has rolled out its first Windows 8.1 advertisement promoting a number of features

Microsoft rolled out the first Windows 8.1 RTM commercial a couple of days ago, trying to showcase some of the built-in features, including the Start button and the live tiles displayed on the Start screen.

While Microsoft's attempt to promote the Start button is not at all surprising given the fact that so many users have asked for this feature, it actually caused a new wave of criticism for the tech giant.

Many users who watched the first Windows 8.1 ad on YouTube criticized Microsoft for the way it decided to listen to customer feedback, explaining that its new Start button is pretty much useless since it doesn't launch a Start Menu.

“These tiles are so pathetic. Get an old Start button program and get your Windows functionality back,” one user posted after watching Microsoft's commercial talking big about the Start screen and the live tiles.

“The new Windows 8 UI looks like the panel that the male nurse is using in the movie Idiocracy,” another one continued.

The Start button saga continues at Microsoft not necessarily because users can't get over the lack of such a feature, but also because Redmond talks about the reintroduction of this particular option with every single occasion.

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In fact, its key executives claim every once in a while that the return of the Start button is proof that Microsoft is listening to customer feedback, even though it's pretty obvious that not everybody is pleased with the way it works.

Third-party Start Menu apps remain users' only option when it comes to making the operating system a bit more familiar and many developers of this kind of tools are already trying to make the most of this opportunity by adding Windows 8.1 support to their very own projects.

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